Fee Schedule

Financial Planning Fees:

Based on the complexity of the plan, our financial planning fees range from $1500 – $5000, which will be agreed upon before the plan is completed.

Wealth Management Fees:

Our investment services fee is based upon a percentage of assets. Our fees generally do not include investment manager, custodial or transaction costs. Initial quarterly fee(s) or prorated quarterly fee(s) may be billed in arrears based upon assets held by the approved custodian(s) at the end of the first quarter after the effective date of an agreement. Subsequent fees are billed in advance. The percentage fee is as follows:

  • 0.25% per quarter for the first $2,000,000 (1.0% per annum).
  • 0.1875% per quarter for the next $3,000,000 (0.75% per annum).
  • 0.125% per quarter for amounts over $5,000,000 (0.50% per annum).

Multiple accounts with the same family may be treated in aggregate for fee purposes. A $2,500 minimum quarterly fee usually applies.

The quarterly fee detailed above includes:

  • Analysis of Current Position
  • Ongoing Financial Planning
  • Asset Allocation Study
  • Preparation of a written Investment Policy Statement
  • Manager Structure
  • Performance Measurement
  • Periodic Review Meetings

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