Todd C. Skelton

Chief Operating Officer
Windham Brannon Financial Group, LLC

Todd has over 20 years’ experience in operations and human resources management. He joined Windham Brannon Financial Group in 2011 as COO. Todd had previously served as the Firm Administrator and Director of Human Resources for Windham Brannon PC CPAs since 1999.

Specialization Includes:

  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Operations Management

  • HR Management
  • Process Engineering & Improvement
  • Change Management

  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Coaching and Personnel Development
  • Mission Critical Project Management

Education and Career Highlights

Prior to joining Windham Brannon PC, Todd served as Assistant to the Director of the Center for War Peace and the News Media at New York University’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization supporting journalists and news organizations in the emerging democracies of the former Soviet Union.  Earlier, Todd served as Director of Human Resources and International Recruiting for Bi-Lingual Corporation based in Tokyo, Japan.  Todd studied Art at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia and Japanese Language and Culture at the OLJ Language Academy in Tokyo, Japan.  Todd serves as an adult volunteer and leader with the Boy Scouts of America, and he is actively involved in the parent teacher associations of his children’s schools. He is a member of the Japan-America Society of Georgia and the Society of Human Resource Management, among other organizations.

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